About the "How Can I Help?" Hurricane Sandy Project

Welcome to our Hurricane Sandy "How Can I Help?" project.


This is a website created to provide information to people interested in helping victims of Natural Disasters. Currently, we are focusing on linking people who want to help victims of Hurricane Sandy with the information they need.

The Wiki project is managed and created by LIB100(2) students at Cal Maritime Academy.

We have divided our information into the following categories:

  1. Hurricane Sandy News
  2. How to Help Victims Living in the Five Boroughs of New York City
  3. Volunteering: Donating Time (You want to volunteer at a relief site)
  4. Places in the Bay Area to Help Hurricane Sandy victims
  5. Helping From a Distance (You live far from where the Hurricane hit, but want to send food)
  6. Donating Money (National Efforts to Raise Money for Sandy Victims)
  7. Helping Victims in New Jersey (for those who live locally)

If you have information on a hurricane relief effort that you would like us to share please
contact us with detailed information.

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