Introduction to our Wiki Project

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Welcome to our class Wikidot project.

During the next two class sessions we will be creating a website that provides practical information about how to help people hit by Natural Disasters. We will be focusing mainly on providing information on Hurricane Sandy relief. However, if there is another natural disaster relief effort that you are interested in providing information on, talk to me.

On Day One (Wednesday, October 7), we will be learning how to use the wiki. Each one of you will be setting up a practice page. Follow the "introductory steps" handout. You will get one point for completing each of the steps. Then we will break into groups and begin work on gathering information for our group assignments, which we will complete in class next week.

On Day Two (Wednesday October 14), we will add the group assignments to the web and finalize our Wiki, making it a site that could be truly useful to anyone wanting to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy or other disaster vicitims.

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